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What Is Repetitive Strain Injury?

A repetitive strain injury (RSI) is often also referred to a group of disorders known as Work Related Upper Limb Disorders or WRULDS.

These injuries are caused by the repeated movement of a particular part of the body. The main symptom of an RSI is pain, but tingling, numbness, tightness, burning, swelling and general soreness are often experienced along with a feeling of weakness in the affected area. RSI is linked to the workplace and can also be referred to as occupational overuse syndrome that affects:

  • Claim CompensationMuscles
  • Claim CompensationTendons
  • Claim CompensationNerves (usually in the hands)
  • Claim CompensationFingers
  • Claim CompensationWrists
  • Claim CompensationElbow
  • Claim CompensationShoulders
  • Claim CompensationThe feet and knees

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