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We're Against Cold Calling

Why Mercury Legal are against cold calling

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We’re Against Cold Calling

At Mercury Legal Online, it is our duty to help those who come to us, with a valid claim and cause for concern. Only when a person contacts us are we able to retrieve the full details of a potential claim; how long ago the incident happened, and if the level of negligence encountered by the person or their loved one has grounds for them to make a claim. Many of our clients are vulnerable and unsure about their options when they approach us. They want to chat through their case, and only then are we in a position to advise them of the best way forward for them and their family.

‘Cold calling’ is a term used to describe calls made by a business to an individual that they have never spoken to before, with the aim being to convince a potential customer to purchase a product or service. Cold calls are often referred to as ‘nuisance calls’ because more often than not, the receiver does not want to speak to the business if they have not taken it upon themselves to contact them. Indeed, figures sourced by the TeleNet and Ovation Sales Group suggest that, whilst in 2007 it took an average of 3.68 cold call attempts to reach a prospect, in 2013 it took as many as 8 attempts. And research by Leap Job only adds to this, suggesting that just 2% of cold calls result in an appointment.

At Mercury Legal Online, it never has and never will be in our best interests to ‘cold call’ the public for many reasons. First, it is highly unlikely that the person we were to ‘cold call’ would have any interest in pursuing a claim with us or indeed have a valid claim to make. Second, it would be a waste of time. Our focus must always be on helping the victim, the claimant, to advise them on all of the legal aspects of their case and ensure that, above all, they get justice for their suffering.

As a business, we want to operate in an industry that adheres to a strict set of regulations and is always focused on the most important part of all: to ensure justice for our clients. We want to cut down on what is sometimes an overwhelming and downright irritating ‘cold calling’ culture.