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Pleural Thickening Compensation

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We can help you claim Pleural Thickening compensation

Claim CompensationDeveloped pleural thickening
Claim CompensationExposed to asbestos at work
Claim CompensationSuffering poor health
Claim CompensationUnable to work
Claim CompensationSuffering loss of income
Claim CompensationNeed expert legal advice

Plueral thickening develops in workers who were exposed to asbestos over a period of time. The disease can take 20 years to show symptoms and as a result workers often wrongly feel that it can be too late to make a claim for compensation. This debilitating disease can be life changing. Shortness of breath is one of the main symptoms which can leave you struggling to go about your everyday life. At Mercury Legal we have helped thousands of people just like you to get the justice they deserve and to claim pleural thickening compensation. Our team will:

Claim CompensationGuide you through the claims process
Claim CompensationDo all of the form-filling for you
Claim CompensationAnswer all of your questions
Claim CompensationKeep you updated on the progress of your claim
Claim CompensationEnsure you pay no up front fees

Financial compensation will help you

Whilst we understand that financial compensation wont return your health, it may come in useful for paying for medical bills or medical care as well as for making up for loss of earnings. It doesnt matter even if your previous employer is no longer in business. We can still deal with the companies insurers or even make a claim from the government.

Our friendly team can help you make a claim today

Our specialist teams will make it as simple as possible by doing all the hard work and form-filling so you dont have to. Just fill in our compensation claim form and one of our expert advisers will be in touch or you if you prefer you can talk directly to someone now by calling our 24hr Mercury Legal helpline on 0800 122 3130, or request a call back – your claim will be dealt with immediately either way.