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What Is A Miners Claim?

Trust In Mercury Legal

If you have ever worked as a miner you may have developed serious health complications and injuries as a result of exposure to dusts, working in cramped conditions for long periods, or repetitive use of muscles, then call our miners claim team about a possible claim for compensation. You may be able to make a claim if you:

Claim CompensationWorked as a miner
Claim CompensationHave been exposed to dusts
Claim CompensationWorked in cramped conditions
Claim CompensationDeveloped health problems
Claim CompensationWant to make a miners claim
Claim CompensationNeed expert legal advice

No-one should have to suffer as a result of their working environment. Even if you haven’t worked in mining for several years we can still help you claim compensation for the suffering you have endured from your injuries – we have already helped many people like you get the compensation they deserve for something that has occurred through no fault of their own. We can help you if you have:

Claim CompensationDeveloped chronic lung disease
Claim CompensationDeveloped industrial injuries such as vibration white finger
Claim CompensationDeveloped industrial deafness

We’ll take the stress out of making a miners claim

At Mercury Legal Online our friendly and approachable legal team have helped thousands of miners and ex-miners to make a miners claim for compensation. We understand that this may be a stressful time for you and your family, especially if you are now in poor health. You must not worry. We have made the claim process as simple as possible for you.

At Mercury Legal Online we take all of the stress out making a claim. From 1st April 2013 when you contact us you will not be asked to pay any money whatsoever up front and even if your claim is unsuccessful through no fault of your own you will never be asked to pay anything to anyone.

Our friendly team can help you claim today

Our friendly team will do the hard work and form-filling so you don’t have to. Simply fill in our compensation claim form and one of our expert advisers will be in touch or if you prefer you can talk directly to someone now by calling our 24hr Mercury Legal Online helpline on 0800 122 3130, or request a call back – your claim will be dealt with immediately either way.