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Occupational Lung Cancer

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Occupational Lung Cancer

Mercury Legal offer free, specialist advice on occupational cancer claims and have extensive experience in helping victims and their families claim compensation for industrial lung diseases and cancer.

Occupational lung cancer is caused wholly or in part by being exposed to carcinogenic chemicals and fumes at work. Although smoking is attributed to over 90% of all lung cancers diagnosed in developed countries, occupational cancer is caused by exposure to harmful carcinogens such as: asbestos, diesel fumes, oven coke and compounds such as Beryllium and Cadmium.

Who’s most at risk of an occupational cancer?

Cases of occupational lung cancer are most common among workers exposed to highly carcinogenic chemicals and compounds, either in the environment they work in or as a result of working directly with them.

Occupations most at risk include:

  • Electroplaters (chromates),
  • Labourers in coke ovens,
  • Moulders and coremakers,
  • Metal polishers,
  • Mettlers and dressers,
  • Welders,
  • Spray painters,
  • Painters and decorators,
  • Bricklayers and tile setters,
  • Construction workers,
  • Boiler operators.

What are the causes?

Occupational lung cancer can arise from exposure to many substances or working environments that include some of the below:

  • Asbestos – construction sites, including removal of asbestos
  • Silica – from stone cutting, mining and glass manufacture
  • Diesel engine exhaust fumes
  • Materials used in transport manufacturing (notably chromium and nickel plus radon and environmental
  • Compounds used in cleaning (chromium, lead, DEE and PAHs
  • Environmental tobacco smoke
  • Talc (asbestiform fibres) used in paper and paint production
  • Arsenic & arsenic compounds used in pesticides, particularly in farming

Compensation for Lung Cancer

If you or a loved one has been exposed to harmful carcinogens at work, it is important to speak to one of our industrial disease solicitors as soon as possible. Time limits apply for making a claim so speak to one of our solicitors, free on 0800 122 3130 or request a call back today.

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