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A former midwife who spent 30 years of her working life at the Heartlands Hospital died as a result of mistakes made during surgery at the same hospital.

Lynda Simmonds, a 61-year old grandmother of two, visited her doctor in March 2013 suffering from stomach pains and constipation. She was prescribed laxatives but after two further days of suffering she was admitted to the Heartlands Hospital where she underwent scans that revealed she had a perforation in her colon. She then underwent a six-hour operation and was sent to intensive care to recover before being moved onto a ward. It later became apparent that the surgery had not been completed correctly as fluid was leaking from her small bowel into her body. A drain was inserted but by the time she was sent for an emergency colonoscopy she had suffered from multiple organ failure and died the following day.

Mrs Simmonds’ family have now been awarded a six-figure sum as compensation for the negligence that allowed the situation to cause her untimely death. The solicitor for the case said: “This is a terribly tragic case in which a much-loved wife, mother and grandmother died as a result of failings in care that could and should have been prevented. While nothing will ever change what has happened, we truly hope that this settlement will provide some vital financial support to Lynda’s family as they continue to come to terms with their loss.”

A Heart of England NHS Trust spokesman said: “We apologise to the family of Mrs Simmonds. We have agreed a settlement on this claim which was a complex surgical case where complications arose following necessary surgery.”


When people are suddenly taken ill we hope that hospital staff will do their best to help them get better. Sometimes this is not possible due to the extent of the injuries, but in cases like the one above, it should have been possible for Mrs Simmonds to walk out of the hospital a few days later. Instead, because of mistakes made by medical staff, she died.

If you or someone you care about has suffered due to negligence in any medical centre or hospital, you too could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Our solicitors are specialists in this area of the law, and will swiftly be able to discuss your case and identify how we can help you. Contact us today for free, with no obligation to continue with a case if you choose not to, and let us see how we can help you get the payout you and your family deserve.