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What Can I Claim For?

Trust In Mercury Legal

have you been injured in an accident or victim of negligence?

Claim CompensationAccident at work
Claim CompensationAccident at hospital
Claim CompensationNeglected patient
Claim CompensationTripped or fallen in the street
Claim CompensationBotched cosmetic treatment
Claim CompensationAccident in a supermarket
Claim CompensationBack injury or head injury
Claim CompensationUnable to work
Claim CompensationLoss of income

Accidents happen – anywhere

Accident Injury claims come in many forms and regardless of how severe your case is we can help you get the justice you deserve. At Mercury Legal our teams are experienced in helping people just like you to claim compensation. We deal with a wide range of accident injury claims including:

Claim CompensationAccidents whilst travelling abroad
Claim CompensationAccidents at work
Claim CompensationAccidents at home
Claim CompensationAccidents in the street
Claim CompensationInjuries that are caused by cosmetic surgery
Claim CompensationAccidents in a restaurant

You pay no up front fees when you make a claim with Mercury Legal

From the 1st April 2013 when you contact us you will not be asked to pay any money whatsoever up front and even if your claim is unsuccessful through no fault of your own you will never be asked to pay anything to anyone. You’ll receive your compensation which, although it cant heal wounds, should cover the cost of any medical treatment and loss of earnings for time taken off work.

Our team will guide you through the claims process

Our friendly team will do the hard work and form-filling so you dont have to. Simply fill in our compensation claim form and one of our expert advisers will be in touch or if you prefer you can talk directly to someone now by calling our 24hr Mercury Legal helpline on 0800 122 3130, or request a call back – your claim will be dealt with immediately either way.

Generally speaking, your compensation award is made up of two components. These are broken down as follows:-

General damages – general damages is the term used for the amount of compensation you will receive for the actual injuries you have sustained. For an indication of how much you may receive in respect of general damages, please complete our express compensation claim form and we will return to you at your convenience to discuss the matter further.

Special damages – special damages can be any out of pocket expenses you have incurred, or may incur in the future as a result of your injuries. There is no restriction on what can be claimed under the heading of special damages as each case is unique to the individual, but typical examples of items commonly recovered include, but are not restricted to:-

Claim CompensationLoss of earnings
Claim CompensationVehicle or property damage repair
Claim CompensationHire vehicle costs
Claim CompensationMedical treatment
Claim CompensationHome adaptations
Claim CompensationDamage to clothing or belongings
Claim CompensationRetraining and rehabilitation costs
Claim CompensationCare costs
Claim CompensationEquipment costs – such as a hearing aid in noise damage cases
Claim CompensationTaxi charges

While we can normally estimate the value of your general damages reasonably and accurately at the outset of your case, special damages can be more difficult to give an indication of until our solicitors start their investigations. Contact us today so that we can assess your case and pass your details to a personal injury expert who will be able to advise you further.