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Delayed Diagnosis

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Delayed Diagnosis

Delayed diagnosis refers to a time when a condition or illness is spotted by the GP, specialist or other medical practitioner later than it should have been. In other words, the correct diagnosis has been made, but after a significant, negligent delay.

This delay can result in complications, more severe symptoms, and greatly increased discomfort and pain. It could lead to a series of operations when only one operation should have been necessary, meaning a much longer recovery time than would have been the case for the original condition. Occasionally, consequences of late diagnosis, such as the loss of a limb or, on occasions, death, can be devastating.

Delayed diagnosis is often seen in cases related to cancer, where a family doctor believes at first that the patient is suffering from a less serious condition. It is thought that some cancers, such as breast and skin cancer, respond best to the earliest possible treatment – a late diagnosis takes away this opportunity and therefore could lessen the chance of the patient surviving.

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