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Public Liability Compensation

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Public Liability Compensation

More often than not, should you fall on a public footpath you will suffer only minor injuries, cuts and bruises, but what happens if you suffer injuries that are a lot more serious, through no fault of your own? Sadly, some falls on public footpaths can lead to broken bones, muscle sprains, deep lacerations, concussion or worse. Some victims will be left needing corrective surgery and suffering permanent scars or persistent pain as a result of their injury. Should you or your loved one suffer as a result of a fall on a public footpath, you might be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

For example, that there was an inch-deep pothole in the pavement which caused your fall. Legally, your local authority (or the body responsible for maintaining the pavement) could be held responsible for the incident. It is the responsibility of these organisations to maintain public footpaths and reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Public Liability Claims

Whoever owns or is responsible for the public area where you had your accident should have a public liability insurance policy to cover and compensate any members of the public should they have an accident or be injured on their property. It must be proven that the person or company responsible for the property were negligent and failed to protect you.

If you have an accident on a public property, whether it be a tripped on a footpath or slipped on a wet floor, you will be claiming from this public liability insurance policy and not directly from the hospital, park or council that owns the property.

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