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Tata Steel has been fined £1.98 million and ordered to pay costs of £22,500 after two workers suffered life-changing injuries in two separate incidents involving machinery at their premises.

Northampton Crown Court heard one of the firm’s younger employees; a 26-year old, lost two thirds of his left hand including his middle and ring fingers while attempting to clear a blockage in a steel tube manufacturing line. In a separate incident a 52-year old team leader lost part of his little finger when his hand got caught in machinery.

The incidents were investigated by the Health and Safety Executive and it found that in both cases the injuries would have been avoidable if the machinery had suitable guarding around the dangerous parts. The HSE inspector for the case; Mark Austin said: “Guarding of dangerous parts of machinery is a fundamental part of ensuring workers’ safety, HSE will not hesitate to hold those accountable who do not fulfill their legal obligations, especially if that results in someone receiving life changing injuries.”

Tata UK Ltd, of Millbank London, was fined £185,000 for the first offence and £1.8million for the second, and in addition was ordered to pay costs of £22,500. The HSE’s decision to prosecute was in line with the principles set out in the published Enforcement Policy Statement whereas the level of the fine was set by the court.

All companies have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their workforce; both through physical items such as guarding around dangerous machinery, as well as through policy and training, alongside ensuring that machinery is suitably maintained.

If you or someone you know has been injured in the workplace it is quite possible that you could claim for compensation. If it can be proved that the injury was the fault of your employer; either by direct negligence or in any other way that should have been prevented or preventable, then you could well be eligible for a pay out. Contact one of our highly trained solicitors today and we’ll talk through your case with you and see what we can do to help you get the compensation you deserve.