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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss set to increase by 4m, to 14.5 in 2031

A new report launched today (16th April) by the Action on Hearing Loss charity has revealed that drugs to treat hearing conditions could be available within the next five years.

The charity expects that, by 2020, the first drugs will be approved and on the market, as already five drugs are in the final stages of clinical testing, with an additional thirteen currently in the early stages of clinical development.

The revolutionary treatments could help to alleviate some forms of tinnitus and reduce hearing loss associated with loud noise exposure.

“Remarkable progress has been made bringing us to a point where there are a number of promising new treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus being clinically tested,” said Paul Breckell, Chief Executive of Action on Hearing Loss.

“We’re about to enter a new exciting era where people confronting hearing loss won’t just be limited to hearing aids and cochlear implants – drug treatments are within touching distance.

“Currently 10 million people in the UK have a hearing loss, which will increase to 14.5 million by 2031. As we’re experiencing now with dementia, hearing loss is a potential public health crisis, so we will continue to fund research into new treatments.”