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The NHS has come under fire again after a YouGov poll reported that nearly half of Britons say they or their families have experienced poor hospital care or neglect.

The poll, carried out in February, concluded that patients regularly struggle to get the treatment that they feel they need, but after a multitude of reports condemning the NHS recently, are the problems really as bad as the press would have us believe?

Dr Cliff Mann, one of the most senior Accident & Emergency doctors in Britain last week warned that NHS casualty units have become like “warzones”, with medics struggling to cope with an increasing number of patients.

Furthermore, Robert Francis QC, the barrister who chaired the public inquiry into bad practice at Stafford Hospital, warned that a culture of poor NHS care is ‘like a cancer’ and will keep on spreading, if not stopped.

However, is it these types of comments that are fuelling the current view of the NHS, and stopping people from focusing on the real cases of clinical negligence?

Fiona Hedges, our Head of Clinical Negligence, said “Genuine cases of negligence and neglect need to be highlighted and rectified, however, it should be noted that the NHS carry out hundreds of thousands of consultations and procedures every year.

“Moans and gripes about waiting times, rude and disrespectful staff and are common, but thankfully, cases of clinical negligence are not”.

What are your experiences with the NHS? Do you work for the health service? We want to hear what you think of these latest reports. Let us know your comments below.