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A study conducted in the US has suggested that the number of reported skin cancer cases arising from indoor tanning devices such as sunbeds is higher than the number of lung cancer cases reported by smokers.

The study, published in The Journal of American Media Association, highlights a growing concern around the effects of sunbeds and skin cancer.

Reports by The Skin Cancer Foundation estimate that indoor tanners are around 74% more likely to suffer from mesothelioma than those who have never visited a tanning salon.

In the UK, skin cancer is now the fifth most common form of cancer, being cited in 4% of all new cancer cases.

Chris Woods, Medical Negligence Solicitor at Mercury Legal Online said: “This study illustrates the damage that sunbeds can do. It has long been known that smokers are at an increased risk of developing lung cancer however this study suggests that the scale of skin cancer cases relating to indoor tanning ranks even higher than the many reported lung cancer cases.”

“There is a lot more work that needs to be done to raise awareness of the harm that sunbeds can do and to stop this number from increasing further.”

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