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A Derbyshire waste management company has been fined £300,000 and ordered to pay costs of a further £50,000 after one of its workers was crushed to death between two vehicles.

Derby Crown Court heard how 39-year-old employee Matthew Lambert was in the process of refuelling the road-sweeper he had been operating when he was crushed to death by another vehicle reversing into him.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive found that Mr Lambert died as a result of catastrophic head injuries after the incident that had happened back in November 2013. They found that there were no marked or identified pedestrian or vehicle routes, no rules or control of reversing vehicles, and that the lighting at the site was below the required standard.

Vehicles at work continue to be a major cause of fatal and major injuries. Every year there are over 5000 incidents involving transport in the workplace. About 50 of these result in people being killed. Estimates suggest that up to one-third of all road traffic accidents involve someone who is at work at the time.

To manage the risks from workplace transport effectively, you need to consider three key areas:

  • Safe site
  • Safe vehicle
  • Safe driver

Look at the relevant sections of the Workplace Transport website for more information. HSE has also produced publications to help you decide what you need to do.


  • Keep people and vehicles apart
  • Have clear site rules and enforce them
  • Anchor loads securely to the vehicle chassis
  • Avoid the need to work at height on vehicles



  • Operate vehicles unless you are authorised to do so

If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of a vehicular accident at work you might be entitled to claim for compensation. Our solicitors have years of experience in handling claims and cases like these, and are best placed to offer you impartial advice to help you decide whether or not to pursue a claim. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the pay out you deserve.