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A pensioner whose hip was shattered during a stop on a coach trip to Blackpool has won £150,000 in compensation.  The accident happened in 2010, when the woman, who is in her 70s, was going through a revolving door at a shopping centre where the coach party had made a scheduled stop. 

The door spun around forcefully and hit her from behind, knocking her to the floor.

The woman was left in considerable pain and could not stand up. She was taken to hospital, where it was discovered that her hip was shattered and her shoulder and wrist were badly bruised. She required an operation and was in hospital for six weeks. She developed leg ulcers and when she left hospital she was still in a wheelchair, with both of her legs in bandages.

For several months, she required help from her family with day-to-day activities. Although she regained the ability to walk short distances, she continues to experience pain and is now much less mobile and active than she was before her accident, rarely leaving home. She has been left with one leg slightly shorter than the other and may require a hip replacement in the future. She has also been advised that her ulcers are unlikely to improve.

She brought a personal injury claim against the owners of the shopping centre and this has now been settled out of court for £150,000. As well as providing recompense for her pain and suffering, this will help to cover her care costs and enable modifications to be made to her home in order to accommodate her change in circumstances.

Owners and controllers of premises open to members of the public have a duty to ensure people’s safety. If, through no fault of your own, you have been injured in a public place, you may be entitled to compensation.