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Prestige car manufacturer Jaguar Landrover has been fined £900,000 and ordered to pay costs of nearly £50,000 after one of its workers had to have his leg amputated after an incident at the company’s Lode Lane plant in Solihull.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how a vehicle was driven toward the start of a production line – something that happened up to 48 times each hour – when the driver lost control and collided with another vehicle in front of it, causing a four car pile up. The injured worker was crossing the production line when the collision took place and was crushed between two of the vehicles. His injury resulted in him losing his right leg above the knee. Two other employees also suffered minor injuries.

When the Health and Safety Executive investigated the incident they found that the company had failed to properly separate the workers on the production line from moving vehicles, and had failed to ensure that the driver of the vehicle was familiar with procedures.

Speaking after the hearing HSE Inspector John Glynn said: “A worker has been left with life changing injuries that were completely avoidable, it was only good fortune that prevented this from being a fatal accident. Jaguar Land Rover knew the risks of driving vehicles onto production lines and the possibility of shunt accidents, but failed to protect their workers.”

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