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Accident in the Work Place

Injured in an accident at work?
Accident in the Work Place
Accident in the Work Place

Work Accident Diagnosis

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Accidents in the Work Place

Have you suffered an accident or injury at work? Mercury Legal Online are experts in helping workers and employees pursue a claim for compensation for an accident or injury in their place of work. We will be able to help if you have:

  • Fallen from scaffolding
  • Developed repetitive strain injury
  • Suffered due to an employer’s negligence
  • Unable to return to work
  • Suffering loss of income
  • Need expert legal advice

Were experienced in workplace accident claims

The Mercury Legal Online team are experienced in every type of work accident claims from falling off scaffolding at a construction site to obtaining a repetitive strain injury through office work. Being injured is traumatic in any situation but when it wasn’t your fault it can be even more stressful. We are experienced in all types of accident, injury or negligence claims and they will be able to quickly assess whether you are able to make a claim for compensation. Our experienced team will:

  • Answer any questions you may have about making a claim
  • Tell you quickly how much compensation you can expect to receive
  • Tell you how long your claim will take
  • Do all of the form-filling for you
  • Keep you up to date on the progress of your claim
  • Work on a No Win No Fee basis

We’ve helped thousands of people just like you

Making a claim can be the first step to rehabilitation and so we aim to make the process as pain free as possible. Our Mercury Legal Online team have helped thousands of people like you get the compensation they deserve. If you have needed to take time off work to seek medical attention or to make a full recovery then we will ensure that you’re compensated not only for the pain and suffering you’ve endured, but also for any financial losses you may have experienced.

Our friendly legal experts can help you today

Our friendly team will do the hard work and form-filling so you don’t have to. Simply fill in our compensation claim form and one of our expert advisers will be in touch, or if you prefer you can talk directly to someone now by calling our 24hr Mercury Legal Online helpline on 0800 122 3130, or request a call back – your claim will be dealt with immediately either way.

For most of us what constitutes the work place in reasonably straight forward, for example it is the office, the shop or the factory that we go to carry out our job. For others however the definition of the work place is far less clear cut and this can lead to disputes as to what does or does not constitute an accident in the work place.

The following are examples of the difficulties we sometimes encounter

Example 1 – A delivery driver. 
A delivery driver visits a home address in order to drop off goods but whilst there he trips and falls on a damaged step when entering the house and suffers serious injuries. Who is to blame? Is this an accident in the workplace as his employer told him to go there or is it the homeowners fault for not alerting the driver to the damage and/or fixing it in the first place?

Example 2 – A postman.
What would happen if when delivering mail a postman gets bitten by a dog whilst putting the items through the letterbox, is this an accident at work or is it the homeowners responsibility?

As the above two examples illustrate just exactly what is and what is not an accident at work isn’t always as straight forward as you might imagine and this is precisely why you need to ensure that you have the right solicitor acting for you. Unsurprisingly insurance companies do not like paying out compensation if they believe they can transfer the blame onto someone else and so what may seem like a straight forward case can rapidly became complex and drawn out unless your solicitor can identify the issues and the guilty party from the outset.

From 1st April 2013 when you contact us you will not be asked to pay any money whatsoever up front, and even if your claim is unsuccessful through no fault of your own you will never be asked to pay anything to anyone. Contact us today to see if we can help – call 0800 122 3130 or complete on of our call back forms and we will be able to help you pursue a claim for compensation.

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Claiming For Accidents At Work

No Obligation Help

If you are unsure if you have a claim for Accident At Work, then call our team for free, no obligation advice on making a claim. They will ask you some simple questions about your exposure and will be able to tell you if you have a claim or not. Call 24/7 0800 122 3130.