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Can I make a claim for Dermatitis?
Can I make a claim for Dermatitis?
Can I make a claim for Dermatitis?

Can I make a claim for Dermatitis?

It’s estimated that nearly 100,000 people in the UK suffer with dermatitis caused or made worse by their job.  If you have developed an itchy or unsightly rash on your body from working with chemicals or exposure to substances that have irritated your skin at work then you could be entitled to compensation.

You need to call Mercury Legal immediately about a no-win-no-fee claim for compensation.

If you:

  • Worked with strong detergents as a cleaner or kitchen porter
  • Work as a hairdresser or stylist
  • Picked fruit or worked in agriculture or gardener
  • Worked as builder or labourer
  • Or have worked in any industry for that matter

Then you need to speak to us about your employer’s obligation for your health and safety, and your right to compensation for your dermatitis. Mercury Legal operates on a strict no win no fee basis. It won’t cost you anything to speak to us and you are under no obligation to pursue a claim, even if we think you have a strong chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

Find how we can help you to make a claim by calling us today or request a free call back from a solicitor.


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