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Misdiagnosis of a Stroke

Help & support for stroke victims
Misdiagnosis of a Stroke
Misdiagnosis of a Stroke

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Misdiagnosis of a Stroke

According to The Stroke Association over 150,000 adults suffer a stroke each year in this country and many are incorrectly diagnosed. The majority of those affected by strokes are over 65 but it can happen to anyone. And the results are devastating, especially if a stroke is diagnosed incorrectly or too late. Strokes happen when the blood supply to the brain’s interrupted. Time is of the essence so the longer the gap between the event and treatment, the more damage the brain will suffer. Most stroke treatments only stop the worst effects of a stroke so are most effective if given within a few hours of it happening.

If there’s a delay in getting help, it can be deadly. A brain haemorrhage (arteries bursting or tearing in the brain causing localised bleeding), permanent brain damage and even death can occur or victims can suffer physical injuries if they fall or trip after having a stroke.

Other issues after incorrect or late diagnosis of strokes include cognitive problems – short or long term memory loss – and communication issues, where many victims lose all or some of their ability to talk. Suffers may also develop depression, emotional problems, fatigue and visual problems as a direct result of a stroke.

Many victims of strokes never fully regain their balance and remain incontinent for the rest of their lives. Early diagnosis means early treatment which in turn leads to a better chance of making as full a recovery as possible.

If you are unhappy with your diagnosis or believe that your symptoms have been misdiagnosed, then you need to speak to your GP or doctor immediately. It is important to speak to them immediately to another opinion. Any delay may mean a delay to vital care and treatment.

If you’ve been misdiagnosed or suffered after a delayed diagnosis, then you may be eligible to compensation. Speak to our medical claims team about your right for compensation. Request a free call back or call 0800 122 3130 anytime.

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