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How Can I Make a Claim for Misdiagnosis?

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How To Claim For A Misdiagnosis

If you or your loved ones have been misdiagnosed and suffered further pain or injury as a result, you may be able to make a claim with us. Here at Mercury Legal Online, we are experts in medical negligence and have recovered thousands of pounds in compensation for victims of misdiagnosis and their families. To make a claim for medical negligence compensation we need to show clear evidence that any further pain and suffering that you or your family has endured has been as a direct result of the treatment (or lack of it) that you received. For example if you have a heavy fall, are diagnosed with a sprain, but sometime after you were diagnosed you discover that you’ve in fact suffered from a fracture, and it was too late to operate effectively, you could have a claim for medical negligence.

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Claiming For Medical Negligence Compensation

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If you are unsure if you have a claim then call our team for free, no obligation advice on making a claim. They will ask you some simple questions about your exposure and will be able to tell you if you have a claim or not. Call 24/7 0800 122 3130.